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Today's economic conditions are constantly changing as businesses try to grow while managing risks and complying with laws, regulations and internal policies. Most companies are under great pressure to rethink their business models and how they manage various business challenges and risks. We offer a variety of comprehensive advisory services to help our clients manage the risks and new requirements to be able to compete in the complex business environment.

Working with KLiCHS, you will have access to the collective knowledge and experience of the entire firm regarding best practices of the respective industry. Whether your business is a start-up or a large business expanding, our advisory professionals will provide the most pragmatic business solutions that best suits your business needs focusing on the following principles.

       – Provide a cost efficient and scalable business solution
       – Effectively manage internal and external risks
       – Improve internal controls and meet regulatory requirements

Internal Audit (Outsourcing and Co-sourcing)

Maintaining a separate department of Internal Audit resources can be challenging to the mid-size companies in terms of recruiting, training and professionally developing internal audit personnel. As a result, many companies are struggling to recruit and retain resources with the specialized skill sets and knowledge to meet the unique demands of the organization it serves. To provide added value and fill gaps in skills and talent, many leading organizations are turning to outsourcing of the internal audit function. Whether it is in a full outsourcing or co-sourcing arrangement with the company’s own resources, KLiCHS can provide a high quality internal audit resources to fit your need in the Corporate governance process while offering short and long-term cost flexibility and scalability.

CFO and Controller Services

The owners for growing small or midsize businesses continue to face complexity with expanding responsibilities and must maintain the effective internal control over the company’s finance. The skilled CFO and controller can offer the core accounting and reporting compliance duties to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Our highly experienced professionals can provide your company with the CFO and controller services on a full time or part-time basis with a fraction of the salary and benefit package required to hire a qualified in-house CFO or Controller.

SOX 404 Compliance

For many companies, SOX compliance seems non-value adding compliance work without no strategic benefit to the organizations in general. However, SOX controls can deliver great benefits to the companies in terms of standardizing the processes, validating management controls, reducing complexity, strengthening weak links, and minimizing human error if implemented and maintained properly. We can help your organization review, interpret, implement, and provide on-going assessment of your internal controls related to SOX 404 and help you meet the SOX compliance requirement. We will also help you provide and maintain a solid foundation of operational controls that will support your future growth and keep your overall compliance costs under control.


Assessing the potential of IPO is a challenging task to all management and the journey to IPO is a complex and time-consuming process that can put significant pressure on the company’s resources and distract from the day to day business operations. Especially, if a company have significant foreign shareholders who may not be familiar with the related laws and regulations in the States, it is even more challenging to plan the proper steps for the successful IPO.

Our IPO Assistance is especially beneficial to the companies with foreign shareholders as we bring great understanding of the different sensitivity amongst key stakeholders regarding US IPO. We can help you manage the IPO progress and discussions in the most efficient and productive manner.

Our services include:

  • – IPO Readiness Assessment and Roadmap development
  • – Acting as a PMO supporting management throughout IPO process
  • – Streamlining communications with various advisors and project participants
  • – Supporting Board communications
  • – Development and improvement of SOX 404 Internal Control framework
  • – Development of SOX 302/906 management certification process
  • – Completing Pre-IPO Financial information
  • – Responding to SEC comments
  • – Assisting with technical accounting memos

Strategic Planning

A sound strategic plan will offer you the benefit of defining where you want your organization to be in the future years and how management should execute the plan to meet the goals and objectives. Adopting the best accounting, budgeting, planning and reporting system will ensure your company equips with the suitable tools to face future challenges and navigate through the uncertain business environment with confidence.

We believe in the fundamentals of strategic planning. Our team can introduce the best practice and help you establish a business structure to integrate the entire organization and translate business drivers into desired outcomes through a sound decision framework that aligns your management’s strategy and execution.

Our services include:

  • – Aligning Financial and Operations Planning
  • – Assessment of Effectiveness of Corporate Governances; Internal Controls
  • – Operations Reviews: Accounting System/Reporting, IT and Financial Management Tools
  • – Identification of Key Performance Index (KPI) on Business Performance

Transaction Advisory

Our advisory team can help you develop financial and strategic plans for the business sales from the early stage to close, and we can assist you in executing mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We understand that buying or selling a business is one way to expand the business, and one of the most important decisions a business owner will ever make. Our advisory service is dedicated to support you with the buy or sell side of the transaction.

Our services include:

  • – Developing and implementing M&A Strategy
  • – Conducting valuation of business
  • – Structuring and arranging a Financing to Support M&A
  • – Due diligence

Refinance Assistance

The company’s credit relationship with financial institutions can play an intrinsic role in the day-to-day operation, growth or expansion of your business. We understand financial institutions’ lending practice and can assist you in establishing credit relationships with local banks, major banks and syndication groups. From working capital credit lines to loans with multi-participants, our consulting services bring successful results within the reasonable timeframe.

The services we offer include:

  • – Finding new lenders to refinancing
  • – Helping generate and assess multiple proposals from debt providers
  • – Analysis of asset-based financing options

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support

When your company is involved in financial fraud and financial discrepancies, you need a certified forensic accountant who can unravel the puzzle efficiently and document the evidence appropriately. When faced with allegations involving financial reporting, irregularities, thefts or white-collar crime, a prompt and appropriate response is essential.

If fraud is found and you decide to purpose legal recourse, we will be by your side and be ready to testify the crime uncovered during our forensic accounting investigation. Our skilled and experienced professionals can help you resolve high-stakes issues from the board room to the courtroom.

The services include:

  • – Corporate investigation services
  • – Litigation support and expert testimony